Wohler Manufacturing intends to satisfy, add value and fulfill the demand in the commercial markets, manufacturing from an established production plant situated in Pretoria with ongoing R&D expenditures, latest technologies, quality as well as to accumulate the various strategies from demand.

Benefits of chassis vehicle manufacturing:

  • Significant advantages allowing greater usage at lower cost
  • Chassis technology can be used in conjunction with existing vehicles in different environments
  • Have the potential to be custom adjusted by user to suit different activities
  • Provides potential manufacturing cost advantages
  • Requires no high cost technologies for manufacturing
  • Permits the use of less expensive base materials
  • Low cost maintenance and functional vehicle

We perform the following during commissioning:

  • Adhere to the demand and required specifications.
  • Ensure manufacturing, commissioning and service is in accordance to standards and regulations.
  • Verification of the various available service within the operations of the client .

Maintenance Commissioning and Contracts:

Service and maintenance contracts include:

  • Service intervals being done with maintenance checklist.
  • Monthly or more often inspect belts, check tire, oil level & coolant.
  • Every 10000 km  rotate tires, std service, inspect brakes, replace oil & oil filter.
  • Every year inspect hoses & clamps, check brake fluid level, battery connections, transmission fluid, coolant strength .
  • Battery maintenance and overall vehicle equalization.

Future Developments

Future Ambulance FrontFuture Ambulance SideFuture Ambulance BackFuture Ambulance Spine board SystemBody armorChassis DesignFuture PoliceFuture Vehicle Spine Board System
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